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Life Beyond the Comfort Zone

How often do you move out of your comfort zone? What lives beyond that zone? Possibility? Fear? Adventure? Stress? A mixture of all of these and more are likely to surface when we move outside of that circle of comfort.

I personally am not a risk taker. In fact, I think it is safe to say I am probably the antithesis of a risk taker. My husband likes to laugh at me when I cook because I follow the recipe to the exact measurement (and don’t even get me started on the suggestion of dashes and pinches). It is safe to say, there are no substitutions when I cook and no eyeballing!

However, 2022 somehow coaxed me out of my comfort zone. Maybe it was the feeling of being stuck or stagnate for 2 years during the pandemic, whatever the reason I decided I needed to shake things up. I went back to school AND I started my own business. I was nervous going back to school, but I also knew how much I wanted to change up my life and pursue my passion! If I told you it wasn’t scary, I would be lying but I will also tell you IT WAS WORTH IT! I am certainly not back in my comfort zone by any means but I am enjoying the ride.

Starting something new can feel scary but getting out of our comfort zone can be amazing and so worthwhile. You will find you can do things you never thought possible! You will learn so much along the way (some the easy way and some the hard). You will meet new people and create new relationships.

Confidence is a result of taking action

Surprisingly moving outside your comfort zone is a great way to find confidence in yourself! You will discover you are braver and more capable than you ever dreamed possible. You will begin to wonder what else you could do and trust me there is a lot you can do!

I recently listened to a presentation which included a discussion on practicing actions that are outside of your comfort zone as a way to become more at ease with it. Because our mind/body goes into fight or flight mode at any sign of “danger”, this is a way for us to train our mind that a little discomfort is ok. The speaker suggested trying “safe” actions that may cause you some discomfort but are perfectly harmless. These types of activities could include, requesting a 20% discount when ordering fast food, singing in the locker room at the gym or breaking out in dance as you are walking down the sidewalk. Eventually you can get more daring and try that new fitness class at the gym, sign up to take that painting class or whatever it is that stretches you a bit further and makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

stretching yourself is what makes you grow

There are a ton of quotes related to comfort zones and my guess is you have heard many of them but they do speak the truth. Staying in that zone doesn’t get you to the great, amazing things you are capable of. Stretching yourself is what makes you grow, learn and discover who you are, and it pushes your limits until you realize you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I encourage you to start taking action outside of your comfort zone and don’t forget to look back to see how far you have come and celebrate those wins! Be proud of what you have done because you are amazing and brave!

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